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Volume 6 - Issue November 2017

Determinants of Demand for Voluntary Financial Statements among SMEs: Evidence from Vietnam

Abstract References

Author(s): Prof. Dr. Manh Dung Tran , Hong Hanh Ha ,

Pages: 01-09 Views: 70 Downloads: 17

The role of trust in consumer acceptance of E-Commerce in Saudi Arabia

Abstract References

Author(s): Fahad Ali Alqammash ,

Pages: 10-16 Views: 33 Downloads: 8

Legislation, policies and organization of community based centers for HIV diagnosis and prevention in Piedmont Region.

Abstract References

Author(s): Valerio Brescia , Vania Tradori , Paolo Pietro Biancone , Silvana Secinaro ,

Pages: 17-27 Views: 73 Downloads: 7

Effects of Employee Training on Organisational Commitment: Exploring Human Resource Development Programmes in Nigerian University

Abstract References

Author(s): Ezenwakwelu, C. A ,

Pages: 28-37 Views: 34 Downloads: 6

Product Quality Through Consumer Attitude Towards Purchase Decision of Animal Feeds in Toba Samosir Regency

Abstract References

Author(s): Nirwana Bangun , Jarunjung Hutagaol , Sondang Ni Bulan Marbun ,

Pages: 38-42 Views: 33 Downloads: 9

How Flextime Improves Employee Efficiency: A Case Study of Private Organization in Karachi – Pakistan

Abstract References

Author(s): Fahad Abdali , Dr. Abuzar Wajidi ,

Pages: 43-47 Views: 29 Downloads: 4

Relationship between Environmental Factors and Sustainability of Social Ventures in Kenya: A Survey of Registered Charitable Children Institutions In Mombasa County

Abstract References

Author(s): Hadija Khalid , Eric Mathuva , Paul Mwenda ,

Pages: 48-55 Views: 29 Downloads: 8

The Role of Motivation on Institutional Development: Selecting the Appropriate Theory for Milton Margai College of Education and Technology

Abstract References

Author(s): Adikali Kaba Sesay , Alpha Bassie Mansaray , Javed Ali Soomro , Bassiratu Ballay Mansaray , Abdul Amid Aziz Jalloh ,

Pages: 56-66 Views: 38 Downloads: 9

Cultural Practices as a Means of Maintaining Traditional Beliefs in Sierra Leone

Abstract References

Author(s): Adikali Kaba Sesay , Alpha Bassie Mansaray , Bassiratu Ballay Mansaray , Samuel Esso Tarawalie ,

Pages: 67-75 Views: 46 Downloads: 6

Role of Knowledge Management in Organizational Culture in Pakistan

Abstract References

Author(s): Prof. Danting Hu , Mubashar Mumtaz Virk , Muhammad Mubashar Nasim ,

Pages: 76-80 Views: 41 Downloads: 6

The continued unpopularity of cricket in Sierra Leone against the numerous laurels won at sub-regional tournaments.

Abstract References

Author(s): Alpha Bassie Mansaray , Adikali Kaba Sesay , Francis Sahr Alpha ,

Pages: 81-89 Views: 37 Downloads: 8

Impact of Education Expenditure on the Economic Development. An Empirical Investigation in Case of Kuwait

Abstract References

Author(s): Syed Khurram Arslan Wasti , Omayma Karrar , Shumaila Waqar Zaidi ,

Pages: 90-98 Views: 48 Downloads: 10

Impact of Corporate Governance on Job Satisfaction of employees in Uganda

Abstract References

Author(s): Agyemang Andrew Osei , Joshua Bukenya Yiga , Kong Yusheng , Ayamba Emmanuel Caesar ,

Pages: 99-107 Views: 48 Downloads: 15

Effect of Corprate Governance on Firm Performance in Ghana

Abstract References

Author(s): Agyemang Andrew Osei , Kong Yusheng , Ayamba Emmanuel Caesar , OSWIN AGANDA ANABA ,

Pages: 108-118 Views: 52 Downloads: 13

China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) An analysis of Economic and Employment opportunities

Abstract References

Author(s): Azhar Khan , Farah Nadir , Dr. Seema Gul ,

Pages: 119-130 Views: 31 Downloads: 5

The Role of Technology as a Key Driver to Smes Competitiveness – A Case of Smes in Nairobi County

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Pages: 131-136 Views: 41 Downloads: 6

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