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 Feedback 1: Mr. David
The International Journal of  Management Sciences and Business Research (IJMSBR) is a great resource for all scholars interested in reading the latest research from a wide range of professional fields. The journal also allows professors and students to examine issues from a global perspective. The research studies that are reported are truly international, promoting scholarship and collaboration among scholars throughout the world. I highly recommend this journal for all those who are seeking information and knowledge from an international perspective and from many disciplines.

Feedback 2: Dr Mohammad Salah
The International Journal of  Management Sciences and Business Research (IJMSBR) is comprehensive a academic  resource for both scholars and practitioners interested in reading and benefiting from the updated  academic and professional research. The journal also gives academics  and students the opportunity to critically compare research  that enrich knowledge in various disciplines. Published research is truly professional and meets high academic standards and collaboration among scholars is highly promoted by the editorial board of the journal. I am highly satisfied with all procedures followed by this journal form the moment of submission till publication and I am sure that (IJMSBR) will be highly considered for upcoming research papers

Feedback 3: Dr Grace Ofoegbu
I am quite satisfied with the publication of articles in International Journal of Management Science and Business Research which is done without delay, quick response to any matter requiring urgent attention. The publishers care and establish relationship with authors. This I think will build strong and continuous patronage for the publisher. Moreover, the articles are given wide  dissemination making it highly available for scholars and researchers to access.

Feedback 4: Muhammad Zubair Saeed
Dear Researchers, My first publication was in IJMSBR, and in this journal we can get a lot of research work with open access. Its contains valuable research work. After publication in IJMSBR journal, i got a very good professional opportunity after showing my paper is published in this journal.

Feedback 5: Sobana Arshad
I have found IJMSBR journal informative on different subjects and it`s a source of a guideline for other scholars who intend to write as it contains significant researches in other fields too