The Develepoment of Agribusiness Financial Institution of Sub Sector Marine and Fisheries in Jember Residence.


Suwignyo Widagdo ,

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Volume 4 - June 2015 (06)


The research was motivated by the lack of institutional financing and lack of partisanship against the owners of capital in business activities and the marine fisheries sub-sector. Considerable potential for this is still not optimized as a potential market financial institutions that feasible. Actually the government has begun trying to give a stimulant to introduce a variety of empowerment programs. However, the level of implementation is still not as expected. Based on this background this study aims to determine the pattern of existing financing, the difference in income of the people who take advantage of such financing, find out the factors that affect the public interest . The results showed that the pattern system has a mechanism as a mechanism formal and nonformal not different. Interest in financing patterns are influenced by level of education (X1), age (X2), the old business (X3), the experience of other capital gain ( X4), acces (X5), and the distance to the location (X6). 


financial institution, agribusiness 


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