Impact of Service Innovations in Hospitality Industry.


Dr. E. B. Khedkar-Dean ,

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Volume 4 - November 2015 (11)


The purpose of this research paper is to understand the various service innovations adopted by hospitality sector and to examine the impact of the same. The paper also discusses how these innovations in services generate customer satisfaction. To conduct these research responses were collated through survey. The tool used is well constructed set of questions. The respondents were categorized into business traveler and leisure traveler. Also few respondents were the travel agents/marketers who provide innovative services to travelers in the hospitality sector. The data were analyzed through graphical representation and statistical test. The results clearly indicated few service innovations which were more preferred by these two categories of traveler such as flexible check in, customized services, child care facility, kitchen and IT/internet related facility. The results also depicted that there exist a positive impact of these services with satisfaction. This highly influences the business of hospitality sector. 


Service Innovations, Hospitality Sector, Customer Satisfaction 


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