Problem Faced by the Mango Exporters during COVID-19 in Pakistan


Shahnawaz Bhutto , Dr. Faiz Muhammad Shaikh , Dr. Amir Bukhsh Pirzada ,

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Volume 10 - August 2021 (08)


The current research investigates Problem faced by the Mango Exporters during COVID-19 in Pakistan.   Data were collected from 40 Mango growers in Tando jam and Tando Allahyar.Data were analyzed by using SPSS-24 version.  It was revealed that during covid-19 shortage of skill labor, because most of the labour came from Punjab and during lockdown unavailability of skill labour in these districts.   It was further revealed that shortage of water, lack of raw materials, inadequate logistics, High costs of production, lack of policy support from Government and quartine problem were identified.


Mango Exporters, COVID-19 in Pakistan 


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