Research on Performance Evaluation of Third-Party Institutions Participation in Government Purchase of Elderly Care Services


Dr. Shunhua Yang , Zhenyuan Huang , Zejun Liu , SiYuan Xu ,

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Volume 11 - February 2022 (02)


China has rapidly entered an aging society. Government purchase of elderly care service becomes a feasible way to improve the level of elderly care service. This study comprehensively investigated and analyzed purchasing elderly care services and third-party performance evaluation of purchasing elderly care services in Jiangsu province, China from 2018 to 2020. On the basis of current situation analysis, this paper constructed the performance evaluation mechanism of the third party for purchasing elderly care service.Countermeasures and suggestions are proposed from the perspective of government purchaser, elderly care services undertaking and third party institution.


Purchase Elderly Care Services, Third Party, Performance Evaluation


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