Historical & Professionals’ Paradigm of Pakistan Penal Code Pertaining to the Press


Dr. Sajjad Ahmad , Dr. Khalid Sultan , Dr. Mirza Jan ,

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Volume 1 - May 2012 (05)


Pakistan Penal Code (PPC) is the legacy of the colonial era, but after the independence of Pakistan, such amendments were made in the sections of PPC pertaining to the press which further imposed restrictions on the freedom of the press. Many cases against the press had been registered under the relevant sections during different regimes in Pakistan. This article is an attempt to study the perception of the media professionals regarding these sections of PPC. The methodology of document study and survey was employed to collect the relevant data. This paper suggests that there is a need to review PPC particularly those sections pertaining to the press to extend the scope of the freedom of the press as per requirements of free, enlightened, moderate and democratic Pakistan.


Pakistan Panel Code, Press, Media Professional, Scope of Freedom


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