An Assessment of The Social and Economic Impact On the Growth of Small Towns Surrounding Areas (Case Study: Sistan)


Mahsume Hafez Rezazade , Mohammad Boundahi ,

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Volume 2 - October 2013 (10)


In recent decades developed countries have paid special attention to the small towns close to the location of agricultural production because it can be a place for job creation, small towns, as well as stations rural migrants of the villages and the cities of middle interaction the smallest element settlement levels of interaction with the major role in the development of national, regional and regional contribution balance to the national space. This paper includes an assessment of the social and economic impact on the growth of small towns surrounding areas using the AHP model. AHP method for assessing the benefits of the use of quantitative and qualitative indicators simultaneous, compliance control capability, judgment and ability to work heavy components to assess the comments group of the city selected by. In this paper we describe research - an analysis based on library research and study a questionnaire is a field. The results of the model (AHP), in the Sistan area if A> D> C> B show that .Thus the index of A (quality of life) ranked 1, D (dynamic and rapidly changing demographics) ranked 2, C (changes in attitudes , behaviors) in Grade 3 and B ( income ) is ranked 4th place .


social and economic impact, small towns, surrounding areas, Sistan


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