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1)Benedict Amade
–Assistant Lecturer, Department of Project Management Technology, Federal University of Technology, P.M.B. 1526 Owerri, Nigeria, Imo State.Corresponding Author
2)Dr. Achimba Chibueze  Ogbonna–Senior Lecturer, Department of Project Management Technology, Federal University of Technology, P.M.B. 1526 Owerri, Nigeria, Imo State.
3)Casmir Chinedu  Kaduru
-Union Bank Nigeria PLC Owerri

Abstract:This paper investigated the critical success factors of project implementation in Nigeria. The study is motivated by the very low success rate of project delivery in the country which has created obvious problems of economic waste and end user unsatisfaction. The study sampled the opinion of fifty selected project professionals presently working in six project sites located in Anambra, Imo and River States. An objective realization instrument developed using twelve (12) factors identified in the literature as possible drivers of success in project implementation based on the Likert five-point scale of ranking. Weighted scores of respondents to the factors were analyzed using factor analysis, while the effects of the quantified weight of the critical factors were analyzed using the regression tool. Results of the analysis among others show that Environmental factors are more critical to the success of project implementation than skills portfolio of the project team. Collective responsibility among project stakeholders is a necessary condition for successful project implementation; Ability of project professionals to generate accurate designs, cost and time estimates will minimize the negative effects of economic instability on successful project delivery. Commitment of Clients to project financing obligations is a necessary condition for contractor commitment to project plans. The recommendation is that there is need for adequate environmental scanning, monitoring and evaluation at the planning stage of projects.
Keywords; Project, Project Management, Project Implementation, Success Factors, Factor Analysis

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(2) Effects of high temperature on concentrations of soluble sugars and quercitol of Cork oak (Quercus suber) seedlings
Author Details.
1)Malika Rached-Kanouni 2)Djamel Alatou

(1)(2) Laboratoire de Développement et Valorisation des Ressources Phyto-Génétiques,Faculté des Sciences de la Nature et de la Vie. Département d’Ecologie et Biologie,Université Mentouri, Route d’Aïn-El-Bey, Constantine 25000, Algérie
BP 48A Coudiat 25000 Constantine, Algérie
3)Soulaiman Sakr
,Agrocampus-Ouest, Centre de Recherche INRA,SAGAH-Sciences Agronomiques Appliquées à l’Horticulture,UMR INRA/INH/Université d’Angers, France

Abstract:The cork oak forms real cork woods which exploit an undeniable part the socio-economic plan in the Mediterranean basin. All times the multiple aggressions (overgrazing, repeated fires…), as well as the drought caused by the climate change (high temperatures) involving deteriorations and return the ecosystem to cork oak very sensitive to natural regeneration. To develop the problems and the causes affecting the reconstitution of the subericulture, the recourse to assisted regeneration and the various forestry treatments are a great need for the maintenance of its habitat. Regeneration by natural sowings remains insufficient whereas the forestations are generally lacking following none the control of the techniques of breeding of the seedlings in seedbed, and with the transplant shock due to the abrupt change in thermal conditions when moved from standard seedbed conditions to those of plantation sites often challenged with cold or heat stress. With an aim of evaluating the physiological behavior of cork oak with respect to the high temperatures, an experiment was led in conditions controlled in a culture room. Sowings of cork oak are cultivated in controlled conditions at 25°C and a 16-hr photoperiod. We have measured the content soluble sugar (sucrose, glucose, and fructose) and the content quercitol in the various organs of these sowings. Four thermal stresses (38, 40, 42 and 44°C) were applied; the results show that there is a significant reduction in the content soluble sugar. However, this species accumulates quercitol in these various organs to face the thermal stress (high temperatures).
cork oak, high temperatures, soluble sugar, quercitol

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(3) Job Satisfaction and Organizational Commitment in a Malaysian Public University’s Library
Authors Details.

Huam Hon Tat,Faculty of Business, Management and Social Sciences, Quest International University Perak
Teo Pei-Ni, Amran Md Rasli Faculty of Management & Human Resource Management, Universit Teknologi Malaysia, Malaysia

ABSTRACT:As the employees are the most important asset for a successful organization, there is no doubt that increasing their job satisfaction is one of the vital tasks to be deeply taken into considerations by an organization’s management in order to enhance its employees’ commitment. The purpose of this study is to examine the relationship between job satisfaction and organizational commitment of employees in Malaysia. The framework of this study composed of three factors of job satisfaction, i.e. job design, salary and welfare, and the management which were based on the works of Herzberg’s (1959) Two Factors Theory.  While the dimensions of organizational commitment, i.e. affective, continuance and normative were conceptualized based on the model developed by Meyer and Allen (1991).  The respondents were collected from one of the Malaysian public universities in Malaysia and a total of 103 employees answered questionnaires. The data gathered was analyzed with various analyses methods such as Pearson correlations and multiple regressions using SPSS package. The findings suggest that there is a significant weak relationship between job design and affective commitment, and no significant relationship between other factors of job satisfaction and organizational commitment.   Recommendations and discussions for future research are provided
Keyword: Job Satisfaction, Organizational Commitment, Library, Malaysia

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(4) Critical success factors in customer relationship management implementation

Authors detail.
1)Kamyar kavosh2) Abu Bakar,A.H 3)  Melati,A,A. 4) Siti Zaleha,A.R
Faculty of Management and Human Resource Development,University Technology Malaysia, Skudai,Johor,Malasia

Abstract:The purpose of this study is to find the critical success factors of customer relationship management implementation in automobile industry. Semi-structured interviews were carried out to collect the needed data. The interviews were written or recorded then transcribed and analyzed by implying content analysis method. The results have reflected that all the investigated companies are implementing CRM furthermore some success factors such as training employees, top management support and the desired organizational culture have been determined that impacts the project significantly and intensely toward obtaining the desired results.

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BOURN’ OF 2500 YEARS: The Culture of ‘Do Ecology’Library

Tapas Pal
Junior Research Fellow (UGC),
Deptt. of Geography, Visva Bharati, Santiniketan, INDIA

ABSTRACT:Culture of ‘do Ecology’ is the pathway of environmental refurbishment. It means meeting the need of the current and future generation without ecological harm. To maintain this we have to search out different Green-gateways through which we can reach a sustainable environment. But actually human’s nature has molded to demand and more demand and we forget the health of the environment. To grip the resources we are moving and steeping forward from chilly Poles to interior ‘Aowa’ tribe area of Amazon and the actual frame of environment is being deteriorating. So in this phase we have needed some revamp measures and should be given our patient on traditional sciences like Scared Bourn. Author would like to maintain the health of environment with the application and implication of traditional science like Sacred Bourn through this paper.
: Job Satisfaction, Organizational Commitment, Library, Malaysia

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