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Volume 4, Issue 9

“VOLUME 4,ISSUE 9″  Under QS Publications – Sep-2015

[1]-Customer Satisfaction and Brand Loyalty in the Hotel Industry.
Author’s Details:
Samaan Al-Msallam-Marketing Department, Higher Institute of Business Administration Syria –Damascus

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[2]-Green Marketing – Concept, Awareness and Linkage with Consumer Purchase Decision.
Author Details:Dr. E. B. Khedkar,Dean, Faculty of Management,Savitribai Phule Pune University (University of Pune) & Director, Dr. D Y Patil School of Management,Charholi, Lohegaon, Pune. (India)

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[3]-Strategic Planning in Saudi SMEs: Case Studies in the Private Health Insurance Sector.
Author Details:Hana J. M. Alotaibi –College of Business- Umm Al-Qura University- Makkah- Saudi Arabia

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[4]-The Influence of Profitability and Growth Opportunity on Dividend Payment of the Firms in the Miscellaneous Industrial Sector in Indonesia Stock Exchange.
Author’s Details: 
Siti Rahmi Utami, Green Economy Program of Study, Surya University, Indonesia Stacia Dorothy Tobing and Anglia Agnes Longkutoy, Green Economy Program of Study, Surya University, Indonesia(2) Stacia Dorothy Tobing & (3) Anglia Agnes Longkutoy, Green Economy Department, Faculty of Green Economy and Digital Communication, Surya University, Indonesia

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[5]-A Study on the Relationship between Working Environment and Labor Unrest in Ready-Made Garment (RMG) Industry of Bangladesh.
Author’s Details:(1) Mohammad Ishtiak Uddin-Assistant Professor Department of Business Administration-University of Asia Pacific (2)Sadia Tangem-Assistant Professor-Department of Business Administration University of Asia Pacific

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[6]-Key Factors Predicting Firm’s Technological Capability of Malaysian Manufacturing Industry from Technology Transfer Perspective.
Author’s Details:(1)Siti Aishah Md Hasan – Ph.D Research Scholar, Faculty of Industrial Management, University Malaysia Pahang, Malaysia (2) Prof. Dr Abdullah Ibrahim – Professor, Faculty of Engineering Technology, University Malaysia Pahang, Malaysia

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[7]-Investigating The Role of Knowledge Management in Organizational Innovation and Its Effect on Organization’s Performance.Case study: Tax affairs general administration of Yazd province.
Author’s Details:(1)Mohammad Reza Yavarzadeh-Ph.D. Candidate in Futures Studies, Institute of Humanities and Social Studies, Tehran, Iran.(2)Yashar Salamzadeh-Ph.D. in Public Administration, Management Department, Farabi Institute of Higher Education, Karaj, Iran.(3)*Abbas poormokhtari Ardakani-*Corresponding Author, Student at Master degree of EMBA (Strategic Management), Farabi Institute of Higher Education, Karaj, Iran.

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[8]-Impact of Core HR Practices on Employee Engagement.
Author’s Details:(1) Abdul Haseeb Khan-(Institute of Business & Technology, Karachi-Pakistan) (2)Rehmat Khatoon- (Institute of Business & Technology, Karachi-Pakistan)

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[9]-Developing Informal Financing Option for Rural SMEs Growth: a Case of Selected Local Government Areas of Kwara State, Nigeria.
Author’s Details: Adebayo, P. O.-Department of Business and Entrepreneurship Kwara State University, Malete, Ilorin Nigeria
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