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Islamic Work Ethics as a Mediator of the Influence of Compensation, Career Development, Work Environment and Leadership on the Performance of Islamic Bank Employees in Riau Province Reviewed from Islamic Persfectives

Author’s Details: (1) Nanda Suryadi (2) Yuswar Z Basri (3) Tatik Maryanti (4) Zulhelmi

This study aims to analyze the Islamic work ethic as a mediator of the influence of compensation, career development, work environment, leadership, on the performance of Islamic bank employees in Riau province reviewed from an Islamic perspective. To be able to compete with other banks, Islamic banking needs to develop human resources who have the skills so that they can be relied upon. This research uses the Structure Equation Model (SEM) by analyzing the facts that have occurred. In this study, primary data were collected using a questionnaire with 288 respondents. The respondents in this study were employees of Islamic Commercial Banks in Riau Province, namely Bank Syariah Mandiri, Bank Muammalat, Bank BNI Syariah, Bank BRI Syariah, Bank BTPN Syariah, Bank BTN Syariah, and Bank Mega Syariah.This study produced some interesting findings including that compensation, career development, work environment, and Leadership has a positive and significant effect on Islamic Bank Employee Performance. Compensation, work environment, and leadership through Islamic Work Ethics have a positive and significant effect on the performance of Islamic Bank Employees in Riau. Career Development through Islamic Work Ethics does not affect the performance of employees of Islamic Banks in Riau. Meanwhile, there are several variables that have an indirect effect on the results of career development through Islamic work ethics that have no effect on employee’s performance. The impact of the results of this study, In general, is that performance can be improved by managing the potential of each employee as much as possible. Employees must be given space and opportunities to achieve and perform more optimally. Predicate humans as social beings, so that everyone wants to get attention in work. A friendly climate in the work environment and support each other in doing their work. If those are achieved, the performance of individuals can be further enhanced which will impact the performance of better Islamic bank organizations.
Keywords: Compensation, Career Development, Work Environment, Leadership, Islamic Work Ethic, and Employee Performance

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