Impact of Work-Life Balance on Job Satisfaction- A Case from Media Industry of Karachi


Dr. Masood Hassan , Ali Sultan ,

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Volume 11 - May 2022 (05)


Employees of any organization or company are the most useful asset. Because employees run the organizations, they define organizations and companies. Not organizations and companies define them. Employees having job satisfaction highly contribute to the success of an organization or company. This research is done to discover the impact of work-life balance on job satisfaction. The data was collected from 130 participants by questionnaires. Then collected data were studied through SPSS (statistical packages for social sciences). A lot of research has been done on job satisfaction, but this is till lucrative for researchers to do research on this topic again and again. To create a satisfying employee society that will have positive impacts on the organizations and the country.


Job Satisfaction, Work-Life Balance, Working Conditions, Work-Family Conflict


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