Effects of Noise Pollution on Mental Health in Pakistan


Dr. Masood Hassan , Ashir Azim Tunio , Ahmed Yar Khan , Neiha Imran , Muhammad Umair Barry , Haya Afeef ,

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Volume 11 - March 2022 (03)


The environmental risk posed by noise pollution and the impact it has is attracting increasing attention around the world. In addition to the effects, it has on the human auditory system, noise pollution has also been linked to a wide range of problems related to stress as well as other heart conditions. According to the most recent study conducted by the WHO, more than approximately 1.5 million lives are lost every year as a direct result of the noise that is caused by traffic. A significant portion of it is associated with other conditions such as sleep disorders, mental stress, unchecked hormonal fluctuation, heart rate, and blood pressure. There is a connection between all of these factors and cardiovascular diseases. Other issues include the onset of a wide variety of psychological problems, as well as substance abuse issues, such as excessive use of alcohol and tobacco. Other problems include the use of harmful substances. There is a significant connection between the nervous pathways in the body and dysfunction caused by noise in the environment. Because of this, there is a significant relationship between being exposed to noise and various nervous disorders as well as other problems.


Mental Health, Depression, Stress/anxiety & Noise Pollution


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