Volume 10, Issue 1

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Volume 10, Issue 1

A Study on Buying Behavior of Consumer towards Cosmetic Products in Jorhat City
The study is conducted from consumer buying behavior towards cosmetic products in Jorhat City. 120 samples were taken from Jorhat city, Assam. Both Primary and secondary data were used in research.   The data were collected with the help of interview schedule, which was later serially arranged coded, tabulated and statistically analyzed. Information on buying habits was depicted such as frequency and percentage. The Quality of cosmetic product is the major reason for the continuous purchase by the consumer using cosmetic products, quality, brand awareness, product knowledge, and price of the cosmetic products influenced by the age and occupation of the respondents. This study also contributes to the knowledge of how cosmetic companies will be able to understand buying habits of the consumers. 

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Dr.John Keets

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