Volume 10, Issue 11

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Volume 10, Issue 11

Intrapreneurships’ Job Specification for Organisational Growth and Development
Author’s Details: Olusegun Matthew Awotunde * Benjamin Oludotun Lisoyi
Keeping intrapreneurs without innovative and creative skills for optimal performance has a negative influence on firms’ growth and development knowing that the main focus of intrapreneurs in any given firm is to add value to the growth and development of the organisation. The new normal occasioned by the fourth industrial revolution and COVID-19 pandemic requires the attention of the intrapreneurs on innovation and creativity for optimal organisational performance. The paper examined how intrapreneurship job specification and activities develops individual intrapreneurship innovative and creative skills for firm growth and development. Quantitative survey design was adopted for data collection from intrapreneurs in the manufacturing firms operating in Lagos metropolis, Nigeria, using a simple random sampling technique. A self-reported questionnaire was used for data collection. The Statistical Package for Social Sciences, version 26 was employed for the analysis. The findings indicate that innovation and creativity; intrapreneurship individual and organisational development and job specification move along together in the long run. It was revealed that the impact of job specification and development on intrapreneurship performance is significant when the intrapreneurs have timely access to developmental training. The study based on the requirements of 4th Industrial Revolution and innovation for technology advancement in manufacturing firms, inclusive manufacturing is proposed for innovation advancements in manufacturing domain to enhance provision of solution to societal, economical, and environmental challenges through the advanced manufacturing equipment.
Keywords: Intrapreneurship activities, innovation, creativity, Job specification, and development.

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