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Volume 6 Issue 5

The Effects of Organizational Support and Organizational Commitment on Organizational Citizenship Behaviour: (A conceptual framework).
Author(s):Mazin Aledeinat Hana Alrfou ,
Abstract:In recent times, organization have been striving to achieve excellence in relation to the effectiveness and efficiency of employees. The behavior of individuals can help organizations to achieve this goal. It has been noted by several researchers that organizational citizenship behavior is a workplace behavior, which is optional because when individuals engage in this kind of behavior they voluntarily do more than is, expected of them for the organization and this in turn increases their performance as well as that of the entire organization. It has been mentioned by many researchers that organizational commitment and organizational support are two factors that can significantly affect the sustainability of organizations as well as the organizational citizenship behavior while increasing the competitive advantage of the organization. Based on the fact organizations strive to support their employees as well as strengthen their commitment. In general, findings of past studies have argued that organizational citizenship behaviour is directly determined by organizational commitment and organizational support. By highlighting the effects of organizational support and organizational commitment on the organizational citizenship behaviour, the direct and indirect effects on employee performance are explained in this article.

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