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Consumer Perceptions of Creativity, Utility and Value on the Attitude towards the Purchase of Goods
Author’s Details: Sara Ghaffarfamian1 and Fereshteh Lotfizadeh2-1 Master of Business Administration, Department of Business Management, Zanjan Branch,Islamic Azad University, Zanjan, Iran-2 Assistant Professor of Marketing, Department of Business Management, Zanjan Branch,Islamic Azad University, Zanjan, Iran (Corresponding Author)
Creativity in new products plays an important role in the growth a profitability and managers to succeed in sales of new products, the attitude of consumers towards their products noticed. The study seeks to assess consumer perceptions of creativity, coolness and value to the product is the attitude. The study population will comprise 384 students of  Zanjan Universites. In order to collect the data questionnaire were utilized and  Cronbach’s alpha and split-half were employed to evaluate the reliability of the questionnaire, which revealed to be 0.86 and 0.92 respectively Its validity using face validity and content validity was approved. In this study data analysis software SPSS was used, and to test the hypothesis using path analysis is used. The findings from the study show that the first hypothesis (novelty product, through the coolness product the value of the perceived hedonistic, there were significant effects) and The second hypothesis (the hedonistic perception has a significant impact on consumer attitudes toward products) and The third hypothesis(Meaningfullness product through Utilitarian Value Perceived a significant impact on consumer attitudes toward the product).The sig less than 0.5 and all three hypotheses have been confirmed. Practical tips are provided at the end of the study.
Key words: New product innovation, consumer attitude, Novelty, Meaningfullness, Coolness, Hedonic value perceived, Utilitarian value perceived 

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