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Volume 7 Issue 1

Brand Equity and Human Resource Image: Do Customer Really Care About HRM Image and Employer Brand?
Author’s Details: (1)Muhammad Ahsan Athar-(2)Wasif Ali Waseer-(3)Muhammad Imran Taseer
 (1)National College of business Administration and Economics, Lahore (2)Faculty, University of Punjab, Lahore (3)National College of business Administration and Economics, Lahore

Previously, the literature of Human resource image and Brand equity is well established but there is not a study which explained the relationship between Human resource image and Brand equity. This study aims to fill this gap by the moderating role of trust in this relationship. To test this relationship, data was collected from the students who are recently enrolled in different degree programs offered by different universities of Lahore, Pakistan. Researcher distributed 400 questionnaires, out of them 320 were received back and from those 320, only 240 were useable so the response rate for this study is 60%. Results show that Human resource image is positively related to brand equity and willingness to pay the price premium and trust also moderate these relationships. This study also includes managerial implication and direction for future research
Keywords: Brand Equity, Human Resource Image, Employer Brand

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