Impact of Digital Marketing on Consumer Buying Behavior- A Study from a Metropolitan City Karachi


Dr. Masood Hassan , Ali Shahbaz Khan Saldera , Javeriya Ibrahim , Armaghan Nadeem , Ahmed Jamil ,

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Volume 11 - May 2022 (05)


Digital marketing is one of the most cost effective and measurable methods used by small businesses and multinationals, to track, monitor and target their audience’s preferences through Digital Marketing platforms like social media marketing, Email marketing and mobile marketing by running different campaigns (example: Awareness, consideration and conversion) accordingly to get the best results. The study investigates the impact of digital marketing towards consumer buying intention in pakistani context (Textile industry). This research will be focussing on how digitalization has changed how we associate with firms, items and brands through online administrations by putting away, examining and playing amusement, email, Facebook and other such applications. The techinques which will be used to measure the impact of  of digital marketing towards consumer buying intention  are descriptive statistics, correlation and regression. The results show that social media marketing, email marketing and mobile marketing has a significant affect on consumer buying intention with social media marketing having the greatest affect on consumer buying intention. The study concludes and confirms that email marketing and mobile marketing have a significant imapct on consumer buying intention


Online Behavior, Buying intention, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Mobile Marketing


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