“VOLUME 3, ISSUE 6″ under QS Publications June-2014

[1]-Getting Ghanaian Women Empowered To Venture Into Male Dominated Professions: What Are Some Of The Critical Issues?
Author’s details:(1)Dr. Alexander Ayogyam-Kumasi Polytechnic School of Graduate School, Research and Innovation Corresponding author: kingmulleraa@yahoo.com (2)Abraham Osei-Kumasi Polytechnic Department of  Entrepreneurship and Finance (3)Hudu Mohammed-Kumasi Polytechnic Department of Mathematics (4)Mensima Goddana Darko-University of Education Winneba Kumasi Campus

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[2]-Mapping Of Land By Vegetation From Satellite Data In The Region Of Chetaibi (Algeria)
Author’s details:(1) Azzedine Hadef, (2)Malika Rached-Kanouni, (3)Djamel Alatou, (4)Oumessaad Toubal 1, 2, 3 Laboratory of development and valorisation of plant genetic resources. Department of Biology and Vegetal Ecology, Faculty of Natural sciences and Life, University Constantine 1, Algeria 4 University Badji Mokhtar, Annaba, Algeria Corresponding auteur: Rached-Kanouni M.

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[3]-Workplace Spirituality: Meaning and Importance In Selected Information Technology Organizations
Author’s details:(1)Prince Jason, Research Scholar, Faculty of Business Administration, Sathyabama University, Chennai (2)Dr. S. Sudha, Associate Professor, Department of Management Studies, St. Josephs’s College of Engineering, Chennai

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[4]-Effect of Lay-off Survivor Sickness on Survivors’ Job Performance at Non-Managerial Level
Author’s details:Muhammad Azeem Qureshi-Department of Management Sciences Institute of Business & Technology Karachi-Pakistan
Syed Arslan Wasti (MS)-Deputy Registrar, Assistant Professor, Department of Management & Social Sciences Institute of Business & Technology Karachi-Pakistan
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[5]-Investıgatıng The Role Of Workplace Frıendshıp On Organızatıonal Commıtment
Author’s details:Assistant Professor Dr. Özlem Kunday-Yeditepe University, Department of Business Administration, Istanbul, TURKEY

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[6]-De-localization as a competitive strategy for small and medium enterprise
Author’s details:Giuseppe Granata, PhD-Department of economics and law – University of Cassino and Southern Lazio.
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[7]-An interpersonal communication aspect: The power of moods in interpreting nonverbal messages.
Author’s details:Assist. Prof . Canan Mutter Sengul-*Anadolu University, Faculty of Management, Assistant Professor Assist.Prof. Engin Deniz ERIS (Dokuz Eylul University, Izmir Vocational School, Turkey

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